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Turfgrass Science

Turfgrass Science

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The turfgrass program at the University of Florida is a statewide collaboration of research, teaching, and extension. Turfgrass research is conducted at four locations that parallel the diversity found within the state. Associated with the main campus in Gainesville, the G.C. Horn Turfgrass Field Laboratory is located about 30 min south at the Plant Science Research and Education Unit in Citra, FL. This facility consists of turfgrass research plots on golf course, athletic field, and home lawn grasses. A team of researchers evaluate turf management, selection, physiology, nematology, pathology, and entomology at this site. Conditions here are similar to much of Central and Northeast Florida.

Gainesville is also home of the University of Florida Turfgrass Research Envirotron, a laboratory, greenhouse, and rhizotron facility located on campus. State of the art equipment and buildings allow for on-site scientific research and testing. The greenhouse buildings house numerous research projects from many different departments on campus. This facility is overseen by Dr. Jason Kruse.

In the Panhandle, the West Florida Research and Education Center at Jay simulates the heavier soils and colder temperatures found throughout much of western Florida. The expanding research program at this location is under the direction of Dr. J. Bryan Unruh, who focuses on herbicide and pesticide trials, methyl bromide alternatives, and general management of golf course, athletic field, and home lawn grasses.

In South Florida, the Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center is home to turfgrass research. Dr. Marco Schiavon conducts a variety of experiments at this location, focusing primarily on nutrient and water management.