Influence of Two Topdressing Material on Turf Performance Subjected to Wear

Dr. Grady L. Miller, Jan Weinbrecht, and Mitch Morgan.

This FTGA, Profile LLC, and Eldridge & Associates funded study is designed to evaluate turf that has been topdressed with large particle, inorganic soil amendments. The hypothesis that will be tested is that these topdressing materials increase wear tolerance of turf and speed recovery following intensive use which results in poor quality turf. Hybrid bermudagrass will be topdressed three times per year with Crown III, Turface, sand, or no topdressing (control). Turf plots will be split with one side subjected to game-type wear and compaction and the other not receiving traffic outside of normal maintenance practices. Both treatments will be subjected to turf wear using the superfoot wear device following topdressing applications. Pre- and post-wear data will be taken for turf density, shear strength, and surface hardness. Turf recovery response will also be recorded on regular intervals until regrowth is completed. This study will be repeated during the summer growing season for two years to evaluate long-term turf performance. This study will be completed in Spring 2002.