Poa trivialis Overseeding Rates on Floradwarf and Tifdwarf and the Transitional Spring Growth Response

Grady L. Miller and Jan S. Weinbrecht

This study was initiated in the fall 1999 and 2000 to evaluate influence of overseeding rates on stand density and spring transition performance. There seems to be some confusion in the industry in how lighter overseeding rates perform compared to heavier overseeding rates. Most superintendents indicated to me at a fall meeting that they were using rates between 10 and 25 pounds of Poa trivialis seed per thousand square feet. Superintendents rationalized that with higher rates, the plants stay immature and then transition better in the spring. This research was designed to evaluate plant performance at various overseeding rates. Both Floradwarf and Tifdwarf bermudagrasses were overseeded for transition comparisons. In general, a denser turf was achieved quicker with the higher seeding rates. The trend toward higher plant density with higher seeding rates was also evident in the 1998/99 data. There did not seem to be an advantage to rates greater than 12 pounds, with either single or split applications. Additional information on this project will be available later this spring.