General Information



  • $75.00 per sample


  • Include the submittal form. (pdf)
  • Please label each sample clearly.
  • Wrap cup-cutter sub-samples separately and seal them in 1 gallon freezer bags.
  • 1 sample should consist of at least 2 sub-samples that represent the declining area of turf. Samples are to be taken from the margin of the affected area.
  • Photographs should be labeled clearly and submitted via e-mail or within the shipping container.

Services provided

Inspection of turf samples for pathogen signs, and disease symptoms. Soluble salts (EC) and pH (if performed) is performed according to the procedures indicated in the ESTL Analytical Procedures and Training Manual: UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory (ESTL) Analytical Procedures and Training Manual Mylavarapu, Rao S., E.D. Kennelley. 2002.

Cup-cutter samples cannot offer a representative population of a nematode infestation however; an assessment of nematode damage will be made. If nematode damage is suspected a recommendation for a nematode sample submission will be made. Instructions for proper nematode sampling techniques can be found at Nematode Management for Golf Courses in Florida Crow, W. T. 2001.

A preliminary diagnosis with an initial recommendation via phone or e-mail is provided within 24-36 hours after receiving the sample.

The final report includes:

  • Disease diagnosis
  • EC and pH (if determined)
  • Management recommendations

Final diagnosis and recommendation can be e-mailed, faxed, telephoned or sent via regular mail. Please indicate your preferred method of reply.

Services Not Provided

• Nematode quantification

• Pesticide residue recommendations

• Soil nutrient levels or plant tissue analysis for macro or minor elements

• Toxic plant identification and mycotoxin analysis.

• Pathogen determination from water sources

• Pathogen determination from soil or growing media by baiting or culturing methods