Fungicide Efficacy

Cooperative Fungicide Efficacy Program

This program is a collaborative effort between UF IFAS faculty, agrichemical industries, and turfgrass managers. The objective is to evaluate chemical, biological, and cultural management options for turfgrass diseases.  We extend our research findings to turfgrass managers through state-wide turf associations and IFAS extension programming, so that the turf industry can manage disease problems in the most efficient and effective manner possible with the best, cutting-edge, management tools.  UF data from Florida are important, because even data from our neighboring southern states can differ significantly from our experiences and outcomes.  Disease problems that occur in Florida are as unique as our turfgrass culture and the wide range of environments in our state. 
The program is supported primarily by agrichemical companies who want an independent and sometimes side-by-side evaluation of their and their competitors’ products.  The program allows the State Extension Pathologist for turfgrass to make specific management recommendations to those that utilize the Rapid Turfgrass Diagnostic Service that are based on first-hand experience gained from the disease trial work.  Our work is independent and our results are unbiased.  Products found not to work well are not recommended.  Companies benefit from knowing both the strengths and weaknesses of particular products, because they realize customer satisfaction is important to ensure repeat business.

For results of past efficacy trials, or to inquire about testing your product, please contact Dr. Harmon at the address or number to the right. Thank you.

Phil Harmon

Dr. Phil Harmon
Turfgrass Pathologist and Extension Specialist with UF IFAS Department of Plant Pathology.
Phone: 352 273-4622

Max Duncan

Rapid Turfgrass Diagnostician with the UF IFAS Department of Plant Pathology Phone: 352 392-1795