Dr. Diane Rowland

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
G066 McCarty Hall D
PO Box 110500
Gainesville, FL 32611
Telephone: (352) 273-3408
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My graduate training was in classical ecophysiology and focused on physiological and genetic variation among cottonwood (Populus fremontii) populations along the Rio Grande watershed. I then moved on to a post-doctoral position at Northern Arizona University with Dr. Nancy Johnson, looking at responses of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to climate change. My professional research is focused on the physiological mechanisms which determine stress response in crops. Emphasis is placed on quantifying water use and water-use efficiency under different irrigation methods and scheduling schemes, and in conservation and conventional tillage systems. Our team is currently interested in pinpointing water application to particular crop developmental stages to manipulate an acclimation response to drought. I also conduct research into physiological traits involved in the tolerance to crop diseases and pathogens and the variation among tolerant and susceptible genotypes, including Tomato spotted wilt virus and aflatoxin in peanut and zebra chip disease in potato.

Skills and Experience Related to Irrigation Research:

  • Sap flow measurement in cotton, corn, peanut, and potato
  • Rhizotron analysis
  • Whole plant water stress assay analysis
  • Gas exchange
  • Primed acclimation to water stress
  • Water-use efficiency measurement using carbon isotopes